They deal with activities relating to TV programs, TV series, commercial film, introductory film, documentary film, video clip production, and organisations relating to sports or entertainment.

Go TV  has also won the tender for the marketing and broadcasting of school sports from General Directorate of Sports as part of Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

As being the only official authorised company, they hold the right for broadcasting all kinds of content relating with their sportive activities for five years in all kinds of platforms in addition to the sale of name rights in 192 categories belonging to 32 sport branches and the marketing of right to organise events.

The group which makes investments for the youngsters in all kinds of branches where they may be, has the widest net of students in relation to direct sales at schools with their GO TV project.

This channel has been involved with activities in order to enable the youngsters to express themselves, to spread their social cultural projects, and to display their sportive activities.