The best way to predict the future is to protect the operability of investments...

ParkGrop provides services in areas such as power stations, refineries, oil and gas storage and processing facilities, mining facilities, petrochemical and chemical facilities and iron and steel factories. Our company, which specializes in the assembly of equipment, tanks, steel, pipes, electrical and instrumentation in industrial facilities, provides better planning, interdisciplinary coordination and cost optimization with its turnkey services.

As of today, we are providing these service and maintenance services in AbuDhabi, and we are in an effort to provide them in other countries and sectors.

From a maintenance perspective, our holistic maintenance management system is capable from over-ordering spare parts to having an inefficient preventative maintenance plan, machinery downtime and recover plan. ParkGroup serves the crucial advantages  to heavy maintenance process.

Our experienced staff working within the scope of our services will be the trainers of our professional on-site training services that will be active in the near future.

Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

Any electronic instrument or piece of equipment can be considered as a system. A system can be defined as “anything formed of component parts connected together to make a regular and complete whole”.

If one of these parts is not working properly, it is certain that the entire system will affect. Continuous maintenance and repair support ensures that the electronic systems provide nonstop service.

We provide Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance services for your systems to operate eror free.

IT Services and Maintenence

Data centers operate as distributed networks, with numerous web and mobile applications implemented on a single server. When users send requests to an app, bits of stored data are pulled from hundreds or thousands of services across as many servers. Before sending a response, the app must wait for the slowest service to process the data. This lag time is known as tail latency.

If continuous maintenance is not performed, this period will increase and the efficiency of the data center will decrease. We work for the continuous maintenance of your Data Centers.

In the same scope, we provide services such as web server support, SEO services, software preparation for mobile app.

Service and Maintenence for Refineries

We provide custom maintenance solutions for refinery sites, gas wells, and tank fields. We support many aspects of oil, gas, chemical, metal and water production. We have the experience and equipment to take on a variety of projects.

Our goal is to provide highly professional services with competitive pricing. We strive to understand the impact of our work on our clients’​ productivity by concentrating on pre-work consultations. We dedicate ourselves to timely project completion without sacrificing safety and quality.


Data Centers Service and Maintenance

We offer data center audit, reequipment, upgrade and maintenance services. Our experience in maintenance of complex technical properties is more than 10 years. Many of leading companies with strict requirements to data center’s fault-tolerance trust us. We know how to set up communication between business and IT departments and increase data center efficiency by improving maintenance processes.

Oil Refineries Periodic Service and Maintenance

Together with Pioneers Oil and Gas Services, we provide services for the periodic maintenance and commissioning of AbuDhabi oil refineries.

The aim of the services is to adjust the necessary materials, equipment and manpower for the works planned to meet the needs of the refinery facilities, proccess facilities and pumping station maintenance and repair needs under Refineries Directorate.

Service and Meintenance of Hi-Security Systems

The establishment and maintenance of high security systems established within the scope of the investments of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense are carried out by our company for many years.

In this context, we provide original software and information solutions designed and realized by ParkGroup.

international maintenance projects


Pioneers Oil and Gas Services

With rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services sectors.

We are dealing with Petroleum Refinery Management, Petrochemical plant management, International marketing of petroleum-derived refinery products in our AbuDhabi based company.

The company is the strongest organization in the gulf region that carries out refinery maintenance.

Silver Technic

Our scope of works are; fuel storage facilities assembly,dissambly and maintanance works since 1961.

Silver Technic can build turn-key storage tanks and all other mechanical works in worldwide.

Petroleum Storage Facilities (Turn-Key design and construction works), Epoxy Coating Works, Steel Sandblasting Works, Steel Construction Works, Loading and Unloading Units, Land and Sea Pipe-Lines, HDPE Pipe-Lines, Insulation Works, Petroleum Facilities and Sea Pipe Lines Dissambly Works, Cathodic Protection Works, Under-water welding and cutting works.

Global Resource Engineering

Global Resource Engineering (GRE) is a multifaceted engineering firm specializing in the mining industry. Our focus is to add value to your project and company by understanding your needs, employing innovative ideas, and applying sound engineering practices while maintaining an economically-driven approach.

GRE was pleased to be awarded the “Fastest Growing Business” in Denver (2013). GRE experts have presented papers in PeruMin, for the International Council on Acid Generation, for the International Mine Water Association, ALTA Copper Conference, Mining Sustainability and Environmental Management Conference, International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, and many others.

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