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ParkGroup is ambitious company targets to achieve consistent and predictable results over the entire range of project execution, from standalone construction to complete, turnkey construction project delivery. Our wide range of capabilities in the sectors we operate always has its innovative vision, perfectionist business understanding and international experience. Our integrated project execution tools and systems have been developed over decades of experience to ensure safety and quality while staying on-schedule and on-budget. We’re committed to finding, engaging and training craftspeople with the right skills and expertise to deliver your project. And our dedication to providing safe, flexible, scalable solutions means we can deliver individual services or complete project delivery, depending on your needs.

We pursue successful and sustainable investments in every corner of the world with our experienced people. We symbolized our trust and respect for people with the rising human figure in our corporate logo.

ParkGroup operates in the Development and Construction, Health, Tourism, Finance, Food and Beverage and Maintenance sectors with its London, Istanbul and AbuDhabi, Ghana and Sierra Leone offices. We believe that we can always do better, and for this purpose, we grow by making strong partnerships and strong collaborations in many areas.
We strive to serve with your appreciation; from concept to creation.




Brokerage in International Project Finance, Loans and Islamic Finance Instruments.

Food and Beverage

Concept and Brand Development, International F&B Facility/Restaurant Management, Catering Services (UAE)

Development and Construction

International Contracting, Project Development and Construction, International Project and Consultancy Services, Maintenance Services for Oil Refineries (UAE)

Health Care

Elderly Care Services (UK), International Health Services and Health Tourism


Visa, Residence and Citizenship Services, Travel Organizations, Ticketing and Travel Insurance, Health Tourism

Sport and Competition

Royal Cup Soccer Tournament License, International Sports Activities Planning, International Football Clubs Camp Organization

Service and Maintenence

The best way to predict the future is to protect the operability of investments…

TV / Media / Software
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