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Investments in the health sector are among the priority plans of ParkGroup. We are determined to continue our investments in Elderly Nursing Homes and Patient Care Homes that we started in the UK in many countries. With our cooperation with leading health institutions, we provide occupational health services in heavy industrial areas. We continue these services throughout the Oil Refineries in AbuDhabi.

Our success in the field of health investments excites us with its humanitarian aspect and we will continue our investments by improving our services in this field.

We provide, in the field of health tourism, intermediary services for Advanced Treatments (Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy, CyberKnife etc.), Transplantation (Hair Transplant), Plastic surgery, Eye Treatment, Dental Treatment, Dialysis etc., to the major Health Institutions and Organizations of Turkey.

Health Check

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Elder Care

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors. We take care of them in well-prepared spaces under health and social support.

Nursing Home

We provide all the day-to-day care that you would expect from any care home, but the our care is supervised by registered nurses who are on duty all day and all night.

Occupational Care

We provide on-site and qualified health services for those working under difficult conditions such as Oil Refineries, Rolling Mills, Ports.


Health and Safety at Work

ParkGroup servising many of important clients across Middle East and West Africa in conducting site safety inspections, accident investigations, site safety audits, job safety analysis(s), safety program development and safety training.

We are preparing for Occupational Health and Safety for the NGP-Boma Economic Zone Project (Sierra Leone) construction that we started in 2020.

Safety Auditing

We will thoroughly review your current safety and health policies and procedures to ensure compliance with international regulations. We audit both your overall company (due diligence) and your physical location(s), providing you accurate findings, recommendations, and then develop policies and procedures to address the limitations in your current safety and health programs.

In this context, we have started the Occupational Safety and Health audits for the 30,000 social housing projects we will build in Ghana.

Health Care for Projects

We provide health analysis, risk assessment and precautions specific to the place of work before the projects begin.

We started our health checks, vaccination and field safety planning works for the teams that will work in our project that started in Sierra Leone.

international health projects


Park Health and Care Services

We do not only provide Elder Care and Nursing Care services with 25 years of experience, we also provide legal, architectural and financial consultancy for those who want to serve in this sector. Our motto; It is our service approach integrated with Comfort, Socialization, Health and Respect.

We provide services in many countries, including our headquarters in the UK.

Plaza Health and Safety

Plaza OSGB, with its specialist medical doctors working in the Occupational Health Department that it employs; The company provides continuous services in the fields of health training, periodic and recruitment examinations, and interpretation of assays, which all company employees should receive and are customized according to the sector of the company. In addition to continuous health services, planning of necessary health services, consultancy, risk assessment services are also provided by professional teams in their fields.

The Seven Corners Group

With a focus on duty of care for patients, our medical management team delivers quality and cost effective services to meet the patient’s comprehensive health needs, ensuring the best outcome possible.

Our team accomplishes this with a collaborative process which includes Assessment, Planning, Facilitation, Care coordination, Evaluation and Patient Advocacy.

Health Alerts



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