Contracting Perfection

ParkGroup is a leading international contracting and engineering company working in four continents. We are highly experienced in international construction, ParkGroup aims to undertake technical construction projects internationally and aims to exist in large projects that require creative, innovative and know-how. We provide a wide range of services with the collaborations we establish in areas that require special knowledge and experience.

ParkGroup, reveals its important differences in the processes of concept development, analysis and realization. We provide important services in terms of multidimensional analysis, technological evaluation, sustainable investment and business planning, financing projects and investor relations.

Concept Development

Innovative concept realistic development on existing values.
What a project hopes to achieve: the project’s mission and goals, and the needs that it helps address
How it hopes to do so: the means of achieving the mission and goals.


ParkGroup is a leading international contracting and engineering group of companies working in four continents. We are highly experienced in international construction, ParkGroup aims to undertake technical construction projects internationally and aims to exist in large projects that require creative, innovative and know-how.

Project Management

ParkGroup provides project management and consultancy services at infrastructure and superstructure construction projects. Our mission is to minimize the risk of his customers by providing professional consultancy and project management service at the construction in worldwide projects.

Global Economic Outlook

There are clear signs of a retreat in stock markets, of lower house-price inflation, and falls in many developed economies, where cheap credit, tax cuts and speculation have inflated the price of assets. Moving into 2019, the strength of the USA, China and European economies in particular are of concern.

Current Market Conditions

Three regions experienced exceptionally large construction cost increases in 2018. These were:


Bonthe Manna NGP SeaPort

We have contracted the world’s first hybrid logistic port integrated with industry and airfreight at Bonthe, the new industry and logistics center of West Africa.

Bonthe Manna NGP AirCargo

The air cargo terminal to be built in NGP Hybrid Logistics Port will be the new logistic hub of West Africa.

Bonthe Manna NGP Industrial Area

The industrial zone within the Boma NGP Special Economic Zone will be the industrial capital of West Africa with an area of 4000 Hec.

Accra Social Houses

We will complete the new social housing project in Ghana Accra which consists of 30.000 residences within 5 years.

Kimironko Commercial Complex

We are a candidate to build the modern trade complex to be built in Kigali Rwanda

Mersin Court House

The Courthouse Building in Mersin, where smart building technologies are used, is the largest Justice Complex of the Mediterranean Region with a closed area of 80.000m2.

Polatlı Hospital

300 bed capacity moden hospital construction was completed in 2016 and opened for use.

Hi-Security Prison Projects

In the last 10 years, we have completed the construction of High Security Prisons where many advanced technology systems are integrated.

Residence Complex Istanbul

Construction of parking, swimming pool, heating and cooling systems in Sancaktepe near the Aydos Forests, construction of 1.394 flats in 28 blocks on a 81.433 m2 area.

Dashoguz Hotel Turkmenistan

Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

Ankara Hotel Kazakhistan

international projects



GeoVerse evolved into architecting business solutions together with its network of associates, they bid, they execute and implement projects across these and other infrastructure segments, eg.Roads Ocean Ports, Railroads, Health Care, Super structure. GeoVerse provides a wide range of consultancy services to ParkGroup.

MAG Engineering

A successfull engineering company capable of design conceptual planning of seaports and management of construction. MAG has always targetted providing quality engineering services by following the latest technology with its knowledge and experience on Marine Structures for more than 30 years; and its broad- dynamic staff.

Terminal Yapı

Terminal Yapı is an experienced company that provides a wide range of services covering the design, construction and operation services of airports. The company also has great experience in housing construction and development of living spaces. Terminal Yapı cooperates with ParkGroup on many areas.

Ekol Architech

Ekol is a experienced company in project planning, functional planning and construction management of industrial areas and Ekol provides city planning and architectural services for ParkGroup.

AL-Daar Real Estate and Investments

AL-Daar Real Estate and Investments is a Turkish Company registered in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Investment, where the major investment groups of the Gulf (GCC) Region have majority shares.
AL-Daar, with its international experience and licensing team, determines the strategies and methods for establishing a corporate investment portfolio for many companies with foreign capital, as well as the Real Estate Investment Funds and Real Estate Portfolio Management service.

BoaPro Architects

BOA provides project completion, initial strategic planning, marketing decisions, real design, development and implementation service with a project understanding that includes highly efficient professional project development service.
BOA provides architectural design and interior fit-out services in the construction and decoration sector worldwide.

PSS London

PSS London’s vast experience of the London property market allows us to provide overseas investors with invaluable insight, whilst assisting them with their property search.
Their dynamic team is dedicated to securing both residential and commercial opportunities, tailored to client requirements and motives.

Sitaş Engineering

Sitaş has successfully completed many Contracting and Engineering works since 1994. They have achieved many successes with their experienced engineers and technical staff.
Sitaş has experience especially in justice buildings, hospitals and dormitory buildings.

Istanbul Address

Büyükdere Cad. No:127 Astoria Avm 1705 Şişli/İstanbul

London Address

3 More London Riverside, 1st Floor 109, London, SE1 2RE UNITED KINGDOM

AbuDhabi Address

Alfard Street No 25 , Off Ghayathi Al Ruwais, AbuDhabi UNITED ARABIC EMIRATES