The best way to predict the future is to protect the operability of investments...

ParkGrop provides services in areas such as power stations, refineries, oil and gas storage and processing facilities, mining facilities, petrochemical and chemical facilities and iron and steel factories. Our company, which specializes in the assembly of equipment, tanks, steel, pipes, electrical and instrumentation in industrial facilities, provides better planning, interdisciplinary coordination and cost optimization with its turnkey services.

As of today, we are providing these service and maintenance services in AbuDhabi, and we are in an effort to provide them in other countries and sectors.

From a maintenance perspective, our holistic maintenance management system is capable from over-ordering spare parts to having an inefficient preventative maintenance plan, machinery downtime and recover plan. ParkGroup serves the crucial advantages  to heavy maintenance process.

Our experienced staff working within the scope of our services will be the trainers of our professional on-site training services that will be active in the near future.

TV & Movie Platos

We serve the sector with advanced studios, thematic plateaus, technical equipment, regie, make-up rooms prepared for modern TV broadcasting, series and program footage, animation productions and various similar purposes. We will activate this service, which started in Istanbul, in many countries in a short time.

GoTV Digital TV Broadcasting

It operates in TV programs, TV series, commercials, promotional films, documentary films and video clip productions and sports and entertainment oriented organizations.

Our company, which is the only official and official authority, holds the right to publish all kinds of content of these sports on all platforms for 5 years, as well as the sale of 192 rights categories and marketing of event rights.

This channel has been brought into action for young people in order for this youth to express itself, spread their social and cultural projects, and reflect their sportive activities.

Peridoo Digital Maintenance and Renovation Platform

The progress doesn’t stay still, technology is constantly developing, and our old the pipes getting corroded, our electrical devices are deteriorating, our cabinet doors are jamming, we all have to leave through this experience at least once in our lives. This process requires the highest level of self-organization, huge investments, and nerves of steel. That is why we often prefer to simplify our lives and ask house renovation services provides for their professional help.

All software and concept were prepared by us. It is coming into service soon. Call Peridoo.


CasaMedia Digital Productions

As a video and digital advertising production house, CasaMedia designers love to build interactive, engaging and modern motion pictures, complying with the latest digital standards. CasaMedia empower your Brands by digital marketing and brings best results when accompanied with parallel offline mediums.


GoTV is the official broadcasting platform for high school and university sports activities broadcasting via satellite and cable. With its broadcast licenses on Turksat, it continues its investments with the aim of broadcasting a wide range of sports and cultural broadcasts.


SoftClue is a full-cycle software development company founded in London 2019. They specialize in three major areas; Mobile applications, advanced web applications and embedded software. Their team consists experienced engineers, designers and other professionals with an wide project experience.

Istanbul Address

Büyükdere Cad. No:127 Astoria Avm 1705 Şişli/İstanbul

London Address

3 More London Riverside, 1st Floor 109, London, SE1 2RE UNITED KINGDOM

AbuDhabi Address

Alfard Street No 25 , Off Ghayathi Al Ruwais, AbuDhabi UNITED ARABIC EMIRATES